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The key of this technical development lies in the houseflies that have been raised at the TARI for 50 years. Houseflies of the strain are extremely sensitive in terms of their neurological immunity. After that, AChE is extracted from inside the houseflies to be the screening reagent for the two major types of pesticides, organophosphate and carbamate.

The reaction with enzyme (AChE) and highly acute toxic substances is a quick biochemistry test method that helps make up for inconvenience of chemical test methods and fulfills the goal of quick screening.

After nearly 20 years of research by agricultural administrative units in Taiwan and the actual application of this technique in agriculture, it was found that serious deviation would result if quality of the enzyme inside living organisms (AChE) is determined simply by activity. The sensitivity of the enzyme (AChE) should be used as an important criterion in the detection of poisons.

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WuMaiTo Biotechnology cooperated with TARI and developed new pesticide analysis methods, through this pesticide residue analysis method, we can test out whether there are toxic residue left in foods just in few minutes. We extracted enzyme from houseflies head, which was highly sensitive towards the toxic pesticide residue. WuMaiTo Biotechnology provides the efficient testing methods for you, we care about food safety and put effort into creating food safety environment.

How do you know “the enzyme” used testing?

The enzyme in the bioassay usually would use the cholinesterase; the cholinesterase generally can be divided into the acetylcholinesterase (AChE) and the butyrylcholinesterase (BChE). AChE is mainly found at neuromuscular junctions and in chemical synapses of the cholinergic type, where its activity serves to terminate synaptic transmission. AChE has the high sensitivity to the pesticides, and it is very stable. BChE is mainly found at the blood or the organs. Although it has the cholinesterase properties, it usually uses the drug-testing; its sensitivity is poorer and unstable. Generally, BChE is used the physical examination.

The pesticide toxicity mainly causes the injury to nervous system, for this reason, the AChE extracted from the nervous system is better than BChE. Moreover, since the pesticides against the insects, the AChE extracted from the head of insects is more particularly sensitive.

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