Workshop LiveABC Pusdatin

Kegiatan workshop LiveABC yang diselenggarakan bekerjasama dengan Pusdatin.

Emliku Mendapatkan Penghargaan di METAEDU 2020

Emliku mendapatkan penghargaan pada kegiatan METAEDU 2020 yang dilaksanakan di Taiwan

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Welcome to our Website. Emliku is a System Integrator of Taiwanese technological products in Educational, Industrial, Energy, Medical and Agricultural Technologies.

Document Projector

Charging Car

Smart Classroom

PTZ Camera & Software

Smart Education

Use smart classrooms and online courses to change the educational environment. Give students a better chance to get a better job.

Smart medical

Control your own health through smart medical treatment. Analyze your physical condition at any time. Stay healthy in the simplest way.

Smart agriculture

As technology advances, agriculture is no longer just a traditional industry. Mechanized farm tools, system control, and big data analysis make agriculture more precise and efficient.

Smart energy

Smart grid, green energy gas station charging station, high-efficiency equipment, save unnecessary waste of energy. Guard the earth environment

Our partners

Our partners come from all over the world including Taiwan, Indonesia, China Thailand, Italy etc.