Company Profile


Founded in January 2019, EMLIKU is a leading developer and Integration of education technology and visual collaboration solutions. With a large portfolio of products ranging from smart classroom, including Chromebook, Charging cart, IFPD, PTZ cameras, digital content, EMLIKU’s products have a meaningful impact on the way we communicate and educate. At EMLIKU we are determined to provide smart solutions that don’t just satisfy the needs of our customers, but exceed their expectations as well.

Innovative Market Leader

EMLIKU headquarters is located in New Taipei City, Taiwan. We currently employ nearly 500 people across the globe, with professional R&D staff representing 30% of our worldwide workforce. We and Taiwan III( Institute for Information Industry) setup up the first smart classroom in Trisakti University of Indonesia. EMLIKU has become a successful creator of smart solutions by satisfying clients through technological innovation and excellent quality.